Thank you for applying to Methodist Preschool. We accept applications year-round for our preschool program and would like for you to take note of the following: 

If you have not yet done so, please sign up for a Prospective Parent Tour by visiting our website at, calling 310-454-4600 or stopping by the preschool office. We highly encourage you to attend so you can have the most informed picture of who we are as a school. Tours are for adults only. 

Admissions decisions will go out mid-February. You will receive a response whether or not your child receives a spot at our preschool by the beginning of March. 

There are many considerations that we take into account during the admissions process. There are two ways to guarantee enrollment: If you have a currently enrolled child in our preschool and you will have an age-eligible sibling the following year, or if you are an official member of the United Methodist Church of Pacific Palisades. If you are a Parent & Me or Legacy family you will be highly considered. However, spaces are limited and enrollment is not guaranteed. All other applicants enter a waiting pool and are admitted based on a variety of factors: 

• Gender

• Age 

• Diversity 

• Participation in our Parent & Me classes 

• Preschool legacy – If you or your children have attended Methodist Preschool 
in the past 

We highly encourage you to come check out our preschool! Please see below for available tour dates. Spaces are limited and tours are for adults only. Tours begin at 9:30am.

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